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Re: k5 m2s now announced

rogerstpierre wrote:

Freestyler wrote:

Very disappointed, wanted a nice new K-3 with 24Mp and 21Point AF, instead got the same camera as we did 2 years ago, only with a slightly better AF in lowlight, and a higher price tag than the current K-5.

No fullframe,

surprised ?

Surprised that Pentax think they can get away without giving a serious upgrade to APS-C or competing with the upcoming A99, D600 at a price/performance ratio, yes I am surprised that either one or the other wasn't achieved. Is that okay with you?

no fast primes,

55 / 1.4 ain't fast enough ?

No my A-50 f/1.2 is much faster, a nice 24mm f/1.4 with WR would of been nice or anything similar.

an over priced APS-C DA 560,

Would you buy it if it were $5000?

Between 4-5K it becomes something I would consider over my 2K 50-500mm due to the WR, extra length and depending on it's performance wide open. Is that okay as well?

rehash = improved

Not improved for me, 21 AF points, or more resolution, even better K-30esuqe video with 1080/30, x264 and faster AF during video of the Prime M, would of been an upgrade, this is a rehash.

and a Pentax Q update without WiFi Phone/Tablet abilities.

buy a tablet then

Thanks for sharing with such great insight, I already have one. Unfortunately only cameras from Nikon/Canon etc seem to be supporting such technologies, with Samsung compacts doing it awesomely well and would be perfect for the Q as well. Another opportunity missed from Pentax who seemingly are living in 2010.

2012 !


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