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I would have liked to keep the Nikon gear however with 3 kids in university and another disabled one still in high school, my wife acceptance factor on 2 system was about zero! That and I'm still going to physio for a torn rotator cuff so I had to make a decision. I chose to switch. And the absolute main reason for switching was the weight, I was perfectly happy with the D300.

I understand your priorities, I was divorced almost 3 years ago, since then I have rekindled my love with golf but my photography never wavered, in fact my ex always and still does appreciate my photography. Good luck with the education of your kids, I'm sure it will be well worth it.

I also have a P7100 and it's a not bad little p/s but it's a long way from being an all around camera. It's good for snaps but terrible in low light or prints bigger than 8x10. My wife uses it the most as it fits what she needs it for.

Exactly, it's perfect for the web and nothing bigger than 8x12, but I carry it everyday.

I see Nikon really taking the lead in full frame and the D600 should put them in a great market position. DX sensor wise, I'm not so sure. I can't see them giving up the market to Canon however with the silence on the DX front, maybe they are planning on moving down market. If your a pro or prosumer, your shooting with FX glass anyway for the most part so the switch to FX isn't that big a burden.

I agree, after clearing out some older bodies and lenses I am left with the D300s and 8 lenses of which only 2 are DX. Since I am not an early adopter I will wait to see what the D600 offers, but I am still leaning towards the D800 for next spring.

I always said that the D300 was a far better camera than I was a photographer so I personaly wasn't awaiting the next DX body anyway. Hopefully Nikon has something up it's sleeve to satisfy those who need it.

I hope they do continue with the Dxxx line of crop bodies, it just makes sense to many sport and bird shooters, that D800 crop viewfinder, having looked through it, just will not cut it for framing and viewing though. My D300s is a fine piece of kit, it has made me money over the last 3 years in weddings and fine art print sales but the sensor is staring to show it's age.

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