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ott77n wrote:

That one should be easy to lookup. He is on Nikon CLS dvd, but that could be below your level, and would explain why you have never heard of him.

My level, my level in what respect? :-/

I know it was easy to look up who he was, but I think I got the point you were trying to make, and I think I replied what I thought of it.

The point I am trying to make though, is about the consumer camera's AF. D7k AF it is no worse than that of the D300. The problem for the owners of the pro D300 with acknowledging that, is that consumer camera's price.

It's got nothing to do with price, and it's not just AF either, it is the camera as a whole. AF, build quality, frames per second, buffer size, a CF card slot and ergonomics were what were important for me, others may have other things that are important, and may come up with a different camera.

If I could have got the D300S for less than I paid I would have. As it was I got the best price I could at the time. I don't go out of my way to say my camera was X amount of £s, especially with some of the reactions I get when I've told people who've asked. But I just way that what it cost to get what I wanted.

A lot of people seem to be wanting something similar to a D300S, but improved. Doesn't seem an unreasonable thing to want. :-/ The thing is a D7000 could be improved in many ways and still not be as good for a lot of people as a D300S. Just as for some the D800 is not as good as a D700 in some respects.

When the D7000 was released, as has been mentioned previously, a lot of those that bought the camera experienced AF that was not as good as the D300. Why would they do that, what would they gain by it? They have bought the camera, they have spent the money, why would they then say that, as it shows they may have made an expensive mistake, as far as AF was concerned. The easiest thing would be to say 'the D7000 is a great camera and I'm very happy with it', but many didn't say that. Which would lead me to think that it is not as good.

And no, I don't have a D7000, but as with anything that you don't have first hand experience of, (does anyone own all of the cameras they talk about?) you go on reviews and user experiences. I think I read 3-4 reviews when the D7000 came out, including the lengthy one here, but I also read quite a few user experience threads on here and at other places, as far as AF was concerned, the majority were not favourable.

You think the D7000 is great, and I glad about that. I want everyone to be happy with what they have purchased. It can get very expensive otherwise.


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