LX7 or EX2F ??

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Re: LX7 or EX2F ??

Yehuda_ wrote:

Just wanted to add something about the LCD quality.

The resolution doesn't always give the actual performance in real life.

For example - by the spec sheets the olympus xz-1 has a higher resolution screen than the olympus e- or the panasonic zs7.

Having all three I can tell you that the panasonic zs7doesn't lag the xz-1 by much in general sharpness and the e-pl1 is a lot less sharp.

Surprisingly, though, the lowly e,pl1 has a much better fluidity making low light shots indoor much smoother to follow on screen.

This message was sent from my samsung galaxy s2 which has an extremely high quality screen which, sadly, isn't smooth when taking videos indoors in dim rooms. So I guess you should check this in real life scenarios.

Thanks, Yehuda. I understand. The EX2F has lower resolution in the LCD than LX7 but everyone says it is far superior (for stills presumably)k. I am not sure how smooth it is or how well it works when taking videos and I am looking for input like yours.

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