In case you didn't see RX1 mirrorless

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Arrr. Twill not night blind ye, that mighty EVF!

toughluck wrote:

Yes, because everybody prefers an EVF that will ruin your night vision.

Not so, me scurvy mate! Daren't ye heed what Mythbusters learnt? Twas where pirate's eyepatch showed true it's plan: one eye sees in the brightest day, whilest the other knows the deepest dark. Avast! Me EVF tis pirate approved! Arr!

Seriously, even if EVF brightness is forced to max, you'll still have night vision in the eye that isn't looking at the EVF. You'd have no night vision in either eye with a rear LCD and grossly imprecise framing with an optical finder in such poor lighting (couldn't even make out frame edges). Actually, the old Sony F828 EVF with "night framing" was particularly impressive, allowing accurate framing without any visible light by using NIR illumination.

For me, the only time an optical finder beats a good EVF is when the battery is dead... and you will not be taking many digital photos with a dead battery....

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