Why the RX1 is too expensive

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Re: Why the RX1 is too expensive

Anadrol wrote:

uuronl wrote:

I think Sony has a well established practice of releasing statement technology products. These are generally quite solid and very good at delivering on core function. It doesn't happen often and they're usual obscenely expensive.

They aren't big sellers and they are often skipped over by most,but I admire them for releasing the products in the first place.

I have seen them mostly do this in the audiovisual space, but this product smacks of the same thinking.

I agree but I'm afraid that the RX1 is too much a niche product, doesn't sell well,
and that Sony won't release a FF NEX therefore.

I think the RX1 signals that Sony isn't going FF NEX anytime soon. Imagine the size of the lenses, based on the aps-c lenses we already have.

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