Why the RX1 is too expensive

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Re: Why the RX1 is too expensive

Anadrol wrote:

headofdestiny wrote:

The problem with X-Trans is that it isn't great at low ISO, even compared to the NEX cameras, and the RX1 will have much more resolution. Plus, the 23mm lens will be considerably larger than the 23/2 on the X100.

You are right I agree with you, but you lose the EVF and the ability to change lenses,
so I feel that the RX1 is overpriced.

As I stated in my first post, the RX1 advantage is smaller size, but you have to pay a hefty price for that.

If size isn't a concern, there are already plenty of FF cameras on the market. There is supposed to be an add-on OVF and EVF option for the RX1, too.

Most shooters could probably benefit from being limited to a single lens.

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