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Re: It's kind of funny how...

jon404 wrote:

Second, the Q with its 01 prime is pocketable already. I literally wear it...

Can you fit the Q, with the 01 prime and a lens cap or protective filter, in a man's shirt pocket? That's my everyday form factor. The XZ-1 makes it; the Canon S95 even more so, and the new Sony RX100.

Can the Q go in a shirt pocket? The hotshoe viewfinder doesn't count -- you could put that in my other shirt pocket, like I do with my XZ-1.
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You don't buy a camera to fit in your pocket. I have my cell phone for that. A real camera is different. It needs to fit in the hands like a glove, that has great ergonomics with controls in proper places and under your fingertips. It should feel good in the hands so you can hold it for many hours. This one has a veriety of high quality optics that makes it even more fun to use.

Shouldn't sacrafice all that so it can fit in the pocket. The body design of the Q is well thought out after, very solid and is a joy to handle. It's a little jewel that shouldn't go in the pocket even if it fits. It should go in it's proper place: The case.


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