Why the RX1 is too expensive

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Re: Why the RX1 is too expensive

And my fujiyan 35mm 1.7 gathers almost the same ammount of light, they have almost the same IQ, right???? Hahahha, what a joke.

The RX1 is definitively not for you. It is not for me either. But I would love to have one.

Most people complaining about it, are people that want it, but cant affor it. This happens all the time. And have no idea, what a FF camera costs. FF cameras cost real money, so only people that really need them buys them.

We can discuss the merits of a professional sensor (FF) on a camera geared to hobbyist. Cause this is not a camera for work. The canon FF and nikon FF are for work. This is for a hobbyist. The same way a Leica M9 has a very limited use for work, but it costs a lot more. But we all droll with leica dont we? And complain that it is too expensive, and who would want one? But we all want them.

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Well both cameras gather about as much light.

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