1D 3D 6D 5D 7D 8D these are so boring....

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Re: I like your response and everyone elses response. :)

Apewithacamera wrote:

Just getting rid of the "D" would be a good start to lesson the confusion out there.

That won't happen until the next imaging technology becomes inexpensive enough for the masses, and only after computers stop talking in binary...Ya never know maybe Quantum Photonics is right around the corner...

I can see it now, the 5QP, [Did ya hear on CanonRumoursThe 6QP is coming...what do you want on that model?? If it were me , I'd like quad Type IV CF card, verbal setting algorithym which asks us what settings we want and makes recommendations on the perfect exposure, but then those 1200QP Nikon guys will still be talking about getting it perfect in the camera, because they haven't put in that damn anti-glamour chip the government made a requirement last year] 7QP, 1QPX and 800QP, 7100QP

it just has boring written all over it...different day, same deal

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