100-400mm images.

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Re: 100-400mm images.

Thanks for advice,

As in my last reply, I left my monopod in the car but next month will have another go. Smooth panning with monopod!


bhollis wrote:

m chalkley wrote:


british superbikes at donington park friday.

not many places to get good shots just like most circuits. let me know what you think and where i could do better, to all you experts/amatures.

found it really hard to get blur on the bikes wheels.

Although I don't shoot motorsports, I'll give you my thoughts on wheel blur in your shots, FWIW.

First, many of your shots are more head on than side on, which makes it more difficult to see any wheel blur. Second, your shutter speeds a pretty high. Although I don't know what the optimal shutter speed is for wheel blur, for aircraft prop blur something down around 1/250th is needed. My guess is that you need to go at least that slow, and maybe even slower, for wheel blur.

A slower shutter speed should not only give you better wheel blur, but will also give you some background blur, adding to the sense of motion. Just be careful to pan smoothly, in IS mode 2, as you take the shot. And expect to get a few (maybe even quite a few) blurry pics. But if you're doing it right, you'll also get some where the motorcycle and rider are fairly sharp, and the wheels and background are blurred.

Hope this helps.

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