C mount adapter - video sample

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Re: C mount adapter - video sample

Very cool that you made your own adapter. Can I ask, what motivates this experiment?

I can see why using different lenses, and all lenses you already own for example, on a new camera is "reward in itself", but I am wondering if there is some specific advantage to c-mount lenses that make them useful over the kit lenses.

I watched the video and the lenses seem to produce nice-looking results. Do these cinema lenses make results that look more like film movies? Are they lighter/smaller for the same output? Or some other benefit? Or is it just for the neat factor.

BTW, they now have an adapter for this purpose on the market, I haven't tested it though as I have no c-mount lenses. Just search for "Kiwifotos c-mount to nikon 1" and there's a bunch on ebay.

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