Got some free lenses, but are they better ?

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Re: Got some free lenses, but are they better ?

mrniel52 wrote:

So after buying the A65 with the kit 18-55 lens.
I was so luckey that one of our neighbourgs, noticed my new camera, and
since I helped him a lot with network/computer/wifi ect problems. He called me

over and handed me 3 lenses, he was unable to use himself, due to a different body he had now.

1 st was a Minolta 35-70 AF 1:4 (22) lens with a macro switch on. does not state lowest f nr.

Definatly better. When I purchased my A55 this was the first lens I got apart from the 18-55. My wife told me that I was waisting my time with the old lens then she saw the photos that the 35-70 produced compareed to the 18-55 and from that point never complained about me buying legacy lenses. I now have the 35-105 edition of this lens so I sold my 35-70's. The Sony 18-55 is definatly more versatile than the minolta but the IQ is not there.

2 nd. was a Minolta AF 28-70 AF 1:4 (22) 5.6 with macro switch on

Dont know this lens

3 rd. was a Minolta 70-210 AF 1:4,5 (22) - 5.6

This is a dud

Tested them alll briefly and found them working and in reasonable condition.

Now even I can conclude that the 70-210 is a addition due to the higher zoom area available.

But i can't figure if the 2 low zooms is better than the kit lens ?

anyone have experience with them, and perhaps compared to the sony kitlens ?


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