Elinchrom Quadra Lithium Ion Battery Issue

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Re: Just how widespread is this issue anyway?

Nikonparrothead wrote:

I know we exchanged on this matter on Flickr a while back. Lithiums just became readiily available in the states.

I emailed our local service and first got a PDF similar to the one circulating in the UK but with wording that suggested that it woudl be treated as a warranty issue if you coudl supply your sales slip (not sure if that would mean a charge).

Got this from Mark Astmann just now in email

"Hi All,

Only the very first batch of Elinchrom Quadra heads (both A and S) will need to be updated in order to work with the new Li-Ion battery. New heads, ECO and any other Elinchrom Ringflash will work just fine.

The PDF document Kevin provided shows an A head but the procedure and numbers would be the same for the early S heads too."

I suspect it's the minority of Quadra owners (granted early adopters) who would be impacted.

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It's an interesting question and I've not been able to establish the precise number of heads that are affected. If you go off the serial numbers on the heads listed in the battery manual the number affected is in the 1000s and it's not just the first generation heads as it says it affects some second generation heads too (it's never been made clear to customers prior to now that there's such a thing as a different spec of the heads or different generations of them). Based on emails with Elinchrom's CEO (Malcolm Whittle) in Switzerland it appears to be about right as he told me "You'd be surprised by how many heads are affected." and this appeared to be the reason why they weren't prepared to "upgrade" the heads for free.

I've since had email conversations with Malcolm's brother, Chris, who runs Elinchrom's UK distributor (The Flash Centre) and at no time have they ever offered to resolve it as a warranty issue. I bought my Quadra set direct from The Flash Centre and Chris contacted me directly by digging out my email address from their computer system where he found my purchase of the set in March 2010, so they know I bought it.

They have since reduced the price of the "upgrade" to £20 per head as Chris tells me they're now able to recycle the PCBs they're removing from the first and second generation heads. http://www.theflashcentre.com/ranger-quadra-lithium-ion-compatibility-modifications-c498.html

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