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Re: Question regarding Canon and TC's

kayaker353 wrote:

My experience with Nikon is that when a TC degrades the aperature to less than f5.6, the focusing system continues to function, although with less than the best performance. Nikon only claims AF works to 5.6 on all but the latest cameras. One of the posts here stated or implied that Canon disables autofocus completely. Is that ccorrect?

Most of the Canon bodies are designed to systematically disable AF when the effective aperture recognized by the camera is f:8 (or above f:5.6?). The camera doesn’t even attempt to achieve focus (like having AF turned off). The one exception is the 1D series of bodies which permit AF function at f:8. (I don't have a 1D)

There are various TCs available, made by Canon and third parties, which can be attached. Some TCs report their presence to the body and some which do not. Some owners find placing tape of key contacts of the reporting TCs allows them to prevent AF from being disabled.

As one who prefers Canon over Nikon, I can honestly say I wish Canon took Nikon's approach regarding TCs. Let ME decide when and what I want to deal with when I put a TC on. That being said, I use a work around for the limitations imposed by Canon on TCs, but will not suggest a workaround is appropriate or suitable for another.

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