Nikon Melville good experience (but not on D800)

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Lens repair excellent; DSLR repair inconsistent

I have had 2 lenses repaired by Melville this year- my 14-24 and my 70-200 VRI. In both cases Nikon did an excellent job. My 70-200 now requires almost no adjustment on any of my bodies, and its mage quality has been restored. Same with my 14-24. Both were out of warranty, and repairs were not cheap. While they claimed my 70-200 loss of performance was due to some type of unspecified impact damage, I actually have never dropped or damaged the lens. But since it was not under warranty, it really did not matter what they concluded. Had to wait almost 2 months for my 14-24 repairs due to a parts issue, but once they received the parts they repaired it in 2 days and overnighted it back to me in time for a vacation.

In past years have had a couple lens warranty repairs as well. Both were handled extremely well and no additional service was necessary.

I wish my DSLR experience was as positive. Had a small issue with my D4 shortly after I received it. After sending it to Melville, it took over 3 weeks for them to even check it out. And only 1 of their techs at that time seemed to have much knowledge about the D4's operation.

Recently I have experienced an erratic focusing issue with my D800 (works fine, then all of a sudden may, without changing any settings, begin spitting out totally OOF images). Melville again was responsive, and I sent them images to review requesting that a tech evaluate them since the customer service people know next to nothing about most technical issues. While the tech agreed that something "weird" was happening, he had no idea what it was or what they might do to fix it since it is an intermittent problem. Hesitant to send it unless I can identify what uis causing the problem.

In any case, I feel comfortable sending a lens to Melville for repair. But much less comfortable sending a body.

Michael E. Clark

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