20 minute recording limit on D4

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Re: 20 minute recording limit on D4


rgolub wrote:

Using a $6000 DSLR for a static B roll camera? Interesting. What is your primary? An Arriflex? (Just kidding, sort of).

Yes, the 20 minute limit is for the internal cards. You can go longer with an external recorder such as an Atmos Ninja but you might have problems with overheating. The current crop of DSLRs aren't designed for that sort of thing.

Further, the limited DOF (a feature, not a bug) makes it hard to use a DSLR as a static camera. You want a large depth of field unless the people in your weddings don't move much at all.

If you just want static HD video for a movie - a camera that just sits there for the entire production and you pull out various clips, for heaven sakes get one of the thousands of perfectly capable video cameras out there and a couple of batteries and let it roll.

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