FZ-200, Nikon P-510, Canon-SX-260

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FZ-200, Nikon P-510, Canon-SX-260

Hello...I was on the beginners forum a couple of weeks ago and was planning on getting a DSLR camera. After driving myself crazy, which I'm sure everyone can understand when new to this field, and, having to listen to my wife tell me to get something more simple than a DSLR, I have decided to purchase one of the above listed cameras by Wednesday morning, as we are going on a cruise this coming Sunday.

As mentioned in the other forum category, most of the photos I will take on a regular basis fall into just three categories.

1...Indoor and outdoor shots of my 2 1/2 old grandson in various situations

2...Inside the cruise ship shots, and outside shots of our cruise vacation including
various outside shots on the islands we visit.

3...Some high school and college sports action photos from football, basketball
and hockey games.

That's basically it. Since I am brand new to any camera besides those throw away cameras:

Not sure which one of the above will provide the best image quality, if, I do things properly.

Which camera will look the best in the LCD screen for quality and being able to see what we're shooting in bright daylight.

Which camera is the easiest to learn and operate.

Which camera has more auto modes in case we just want to set to auto and snap away

And, what camera in auto mode do you feel will deliver the better image quality.

If I am missing anything, or, asking stupid questions, you can just yell at me and call me names.

Thanks for your help.

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