Question to owners of both D800 and D4 or D3s->D4 upgraders or

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Re: Question to owners of both D800 and D4 or D3s->D4 upgraders or

nikhgan wrote:

VadimOm wrote:

Those of you who own both D4 and D800 -

1) How many stops better D4 over D800 when it comes to high ISO

D4 will look cleaner when both view at 100%, but if you scale down D800 image to D4 size, D800 is not bad either, D4 may have 0.5 or 1 stop advantage at super high ISO like 51200. At those ISO, the D800 files may be harsh to look at at 100%.

I am just guessing base on my experience. I am not the type of person who shoot comparison shots. I am not pixel peeper. I pick the right camera to use depending on what I am shooting.

2) Do you notice any difference in AF performance?

D4 is faster and more responsive, probably not by a large margin, but when you handle both camera, u can feel it.

3) Any differences in AWB performance?

Both are perfect, a lot better than the previous generation D3s/D7000 cameras. I used AWB most of the time now. Before D4/D800, I would used manual for some tricky lighting conditions.

4) Does D4 have exact same LCD as D800? Colors/tint looks the same?

well, never compare, why bother. I never use LCD to check color, only use it to check histogam and exposure. But they both look great, no greenish tints on both.

5) Does D4's DR feel the same as D800?

D800's DR is incredible. The low ISO shots (ISO

Above 3200 ISO, I would use D4 instead of D800.

To those who upgraded from D3s to D4
1) Is it worth the upgrade?

It depends.

D4 has 4 more mp. slightly better af, better AWB, better button layout, 30 minutes of video instead of 5 minutes, backlit buttons, larger buffer.

2) How much better D4 low light performance comparing to D3s?

Not much better, about equal. But the D4 file has a special quality to it. It retains more detail. It's grain are more film like, nice to look at.

3) Are the extra 4mp any help, or is the difference pretty much negligible?

Extra 4mp helps, but wish it was 18mp like the 1DX

4) Any differences in AF performance?

D4 is better, its AF is amazing. It nails AF all the time, even in the darkest venues. There are many times I couldn't tell if my images were in focus or not at the time of shooting, but after I look at them on computer monitor, I am surprised they are all sharp. I have shoot with D3s under same lighting condition in the past. While D3s AF is also outstanding, but I believe with D4, I got more keepers.

5) Any differences in AWB performance?

already mentioned above, great AWB on D4/D800

6) Do you see any improvement in DR?

didn't really compare. maybe about the same, but dxo mark is a better resource for this.

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Like Vadim I went D3S to D4 and also have D800 and 800E.

And I agree with just about everything he said!

Only slight differences are that I find the D800 screen a bit green, maybe.

I shoot a lot of action so the D4 AF is noticeably better than D800.

And D3S is better at high ISo than D4, fractionally. But the D4's higher MP means it looks more detailed. So it's close.

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