Are superzooms superior to cheaper DSLR tele glass?

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Re: Are superzooms superior to cheaper DSLR tele glass?

My wife and I are both 75. We shoot Canon 40Ds with Tameron 28-300mm IS lens. (We have others, but we use them the most.)

Not only are we tired of luggung all that weight around, but the Canon 40D's performance has been eclipsed by such cameras as the 7D. Unfortunately, with the economy as bad as it is we are not in a position to buy two 7D and two L series lens. So I ordered one FZ200 from Amazon to try it out.

Frankly, I am amazed. Is it better than our 40D's, probably not. Is it as good, ABSOLUTELY.

We are NOT nature photographers. We primarily shoot travel, landscape and portraits. For the last two weeks I have been shooting the FZ200 and my wife has been shooting a 40D. It is virtually impossible to tell the difference except that the FZ200 is far superior in low light situations, has over 50% more zoom, weights a heck of a lot less and is much less expensive. We are ordering our SECOND FZ200 this week.

I have taken numerous shots at ISO 3200. They had VERY LITTLE noise. Some were at the Florida Aquarium in Tampa and others were at an outdoor Corvette show where I took some shots of Corvettes under an awning. In both cases chromatic noise (color) was non-existant and luminosity noise was minimal. It almost looked like film grain.

Two things that I believe is being ignored in these discussions of whether the FZ200 is as good as a DSLR are: What is your intended use for the camera. (I don't take pictures of black cats in coal mines at midnight or print billboards.) More importantly, can the "digital darkroom" (in my case Photoshop), fix any minor problems such as relatively low noise levels. In my case it did.

I understand that post processing has to be ignored when trying to ascertain the true capabilities of a new camera. But, if any shortcoming can be easily remedied with post processing and the weight, cost and constant f2.8 25-600mm lens are considered WHY NOT go with the FZ200. I did.

Is anybody else on thus forum using Photoshop or Elements on their FZ200 images?

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