fuji watercolors? sigh

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Re: fuji watercolors? sigh

If history repeats itself, few years after they are out of production, Adobe will figure out the sensor.

I formerly used a S2 Pro together with a Nikon D80 (then D200) and while RAW was necessary for anything other then point-n-shoot quality from the Nikons, JPEG from the S2 was just fine. All the S2 images needed was exposure bracketing and little if any touch up in Lightroom.

I've since upgraded to a S3 Pro (these cameras are an absolute steal right now) and a Nikon D300S. The Nikon still requires RAW with extensive post processing.

Counterpoint for the Nikon, with Nikon's Capture NX the images with just default processing are actually as good as that which comes straight from the S2/3 cameras but I've not spent the $ to upgrade to NX2 for the D300S. I just don't need another workflow.

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