D50 to D300 - Your Thoughts?

Started Aug 28, 2012 | Discussions thread
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Re: D50 to D300 - Your Thoughts?

Joshua123 wrote:

Upgrading is in my near future; however, since retiring, my income is limited. I have and have been shooting with a D50 for over seven years now. I have enjoyed the camera very much. My thought is to upgrade to a D300, learn how to master it before moving on.

What are your thoughts?

It is a huge step forward for you, so if you have been generally happy with the D50 I guess you will be very happy with the D300. Just one thing, if you buy a second hand camera you should try to find out how it was used. If it was used by a pro it might be at the end of its expected life. Changing the shutter might be a bit too expensive, but if you find one which is lightly used it might be worth buying it.

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