50 mm Fourthirds Shoot-out

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Re: 50 mm Fourthirds Shoot-out

Actually, I found this article quite interesting because I was planning to do something similar for my fun and satisfaction as I have quite a number of lenses covering the 50mm range as either prime or zoom, and I was just looking for a proper methodology on the net for the testing.

His testing way is quite nice because it shows the overall characteristics of the lens in real life conditions 3-dimensionally at different f-stops, that is supposed to be not exactly the same as those 2-dimensional lab-test results in the studios.

There is no doubt that ZD 50mm is quite a sharp lens on a certain plane, as it is tested and proved in almost every expert site, and also by many user reviews.

But when we look at the lens's reaction to different f-stops when capturing the images a bit behind or front etc, we see that capturability is different than that of , say , 50-200mm MK1 .

Yes , we (I) don't know how those lens are originally manufactured such as , for example, the glasses of ZD 50mm macro may be grinded with such a concaveness that all the objects on a certain plain would be quite sharp either corner-to-corner on full sensor size or sharp over a certain smaller circle on the sensor, and other objects on different planes would be blurred at varying degrees.
So, I can understand the reason of its sharpness and beautiful bookeh.

Then what shall I think when I see the pictures of 50-200mm in those test in the article ? It is quite successful at certain f-stops than other lenses, and if I can't say it is sharper, let me say , it is more contrasty at least (to my eyes).

It gives better captured images through the given depth-of-field of the lens for a certain f-stops (if I prefer to see images rather than the bookeh blur in the background).

Again, I don't know what was the coating of MK1s (40-150 and 50-200), the glass quality and the reason of unnecessarily big sizes of lens glasses etc. and their circle of confusion size etc.

In the 500mm range, I don't own ZD 50mm macro, but I have 35-100 , 12-60 , 50-200 Mk1 , 40-150 MK1 and 2 , and OM lenses 50mm f3.5 macro , 50mm f1.4 and 1.8 (5 variants including MIJ and silver nose), and Vivitar S1 28-90mm and 35-85mm f2.8 and 55mm f2.8 macro, and Helios 58mm f2 (ver. 4 and 7)..and several few more.

By methodolgy, this test shows a person the good reason of which lens he/she has to buy and why , on the basis of his/her intended main use of the lens .

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