650D or 7D now with FW update?

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Re: 650D or 7D now with FW update?

Clearly you have no clue regarding Canon's plans or the discussion regarding them. This is from Canon watch:

According to Canon Watch: The first rumor is that the 70D, might be replacing both the 60D and 7D. ..

Canon Watch was also told that the 70D would become Canon’s top of the line APS-C camera, a spot currently held by the ultra-tough 7D. This then frees up the 7D Mark II for rumor number two: the next 7D will become the entry-level full-frame we’ve all been speculating about for some time now.

... if the 70D is upgraded as these rumors suggest, it’s very possible the next 7D will make the jump into the world of full-frame sensors.


Yes the talk has been a 70D replacing the current crop 7D and 60D with the 7D becoming a full frame camera. Just Google it, read it and feel embarrassed for your post and questioning someone's agenda. It makes me wonder what YOUR agenda is. Stop posting on topics that you have no knowledge of. (And lose the attitude)

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