telephoto options for wildlife.

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Re: telephoto options for wildlife.

I would not consider the 120-300mm Sigma. Mine needs an +8 AF Tune, and the D90 has no AF Tune. I get only soft images with my D90, but it works fine on my D7000.

I'm also on my second version. The first one had very inconsistent results. The one I have now is very consistent. Haven't used the Sigma 1.4 TC on the new one yet.

The biggest plus point of the lens is it's ability to zoom. However, I also have the 70-200mm VRII and I'm thinking of exchanging the 120-300mm for a 300mm F2.8 VRII because I generaly don't need a zoom beyond 200mm. And I'm mostly at 300mm with the Sigma anyway..

I have some examples I shot with it on flickr, photo's after may 2012 have been with the new lens:

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