Samsung NX20 Ergonomic Review

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Re: You know what they say about opinions

I totally agree with what you are saying. I have owned M4/3 cameras and the NEX-5N. I like my new NX1000 better than any of them, especially the prime lenses and the pricing.

Unlike others around here, I am keeping my NX gear and have no intentions of switching systems any time soon. Great job Samsung with the NX1000! I am blown away by how fast its auto focus is too. It has been pretty much instantaneous the whole time I have had it. The interface is one of the best I have seen too. Much better than Panasonic and Sony for sure...

nevada5 wrote:

I had an NX10 for some time and when I got tired of waiting for the NX20 to come along, I jumped ship for the M4/3 camp. I had a G2, G3 and a GH2. All fine cameras and the IQ was excellent. But nothing to make me go WOW.

I knew I was missing something with the smaller sensor size and I bought an NX20. Since IQ is the most important issue for me, there's no comparison. The APS-C sensor just trumps anything smaller. The bonus is the color. Samsung must have taken a lesson from their association with Pentax - the NX20 produces that special image rendering that I missed since my days with Pentax.

Ergonomics? Again, some lessons from Pentax are showing, like the menu system. Handling the NX-20 is simply easy and intuitive. It's a well-thought-out camera.

I agree there are some performance issues that others may find fault with. But I'm a very deliberate shooter, so I don't find I'm slowed down by the camera.

Different strokes for different folks.

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