Is it allowed to edit a photo and repost as part of a C&C?

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Re: Context of message, better to ask for permission than forgiveness...


I also frequent an artists forum, there it's quite easy. when people post an image for C&C they state whether they allow their image to be altered or not.

Seeing that people might throw around copyright as a weapon. I will of course refrain from giving my time an opinion on any work exposed here, unless it clearly states I can do so. I'll just say "Oh, wonderful."

In any case, beware! Unless clearly stated that you can, don't even give a sincere opinion. If you do, you might be sued on the grounds that you have caused some "psychological damage", or if you use the image to better illustrate what you mean, someone might decide you've broken the copyright laws.

If people want to learn, they should join a course.

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