70-200 VR II F.2.8 +1.4 TC or 300 f4 which do you recommend Pl help!!!

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Re: hmmmm

Joe Porto wrote:

i am seriously considering switching to 70- 200 VR II f2.8 + 1.4 TC instead because
1. better range especially shooting large mammals and large BIF

so, this says to me you are getting close enough to overfill the frame with 300mm with or without 1.4, and cannot zoom out, hence the need for the zoom. 70-200 would make sense.

If this is the case, then focus breathing of the 70-200mm should be taken onto account, as you really aren't getting anything close to 200mm at closer distances. Per Thom Hogan:

Marked 200mm is really:

1.4m 134mm
2m 147mm
3m 164mm
5m 176mm
10m 186mm
Infinity 192mm

How often are you going to be much closer than 10m to a large mammal or a BIF ?
I think the 70~200 is an excellent compliment to the 300mm f4.

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