canon ef-s 18-55mm IS landscape

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Re: The biggest problem with the photo

Jainendra Kumar wrote:

Thanks, The scean was looking little bit more bright through naked eyes. I was able to see the peoples and cow. Sky was dull. I did not use any tripod.

I thought for 1/100 sec tripod not require. IS was enabled.
I asked the same question and answer is NO.

Whoever told you that is not a landscape photographer. Yeah, you can do without, but if you want to do landscape properly a tripod is a must. There's a saying in landscape photography: A photographers' best lens is their tripod.

It did not look like which i saw through naked eyes. I agree quality of light was bad. I tried diff combination like A-Deep, Landscape, Manual, A- Priority but all are same more or less so thought it might be some lens perfomance but after reading all the answers it's more like light and artistic view problem.

The scene probably did look more like that photo than you think. Once you learn how to read light - and you will - you'll be able to look at such a scene and know that it's not going to work. No setting variation in the camera would have helped that scene. The only option for getting a good landscape shot is waiting for the best light. It can be frustrating. I'll keep going to the same place time and time again hoping for that dramatic light that takes a picture from a snapshot to a work of art. Some locations only get good light certain times of year, some virtually never get good light.

Here's a case in point. This photo only really works at sunset - the light has a nice golden hue and hits at an angle that shows structure in the arch. But here's the catch: You can only get sunset light on this arch about three months out of the year! The final saving grace of this shot is the whispy clouds. If the sky was completely clear I wouldn't even post this online. As boring as a solid grey sky is, solid blue isn't much better.

Conversely, here's a shot where the light is flat, but the sky is so dramatic that the shot works. Plus the sky is acting like a diffuser that is still casting some soft shadows on the stone ring that again, give it definition. The ring serves as the focal point and the sky sets the mood. This shot in daylight tends not to work nearly as well due to the harshness of the light (this is a south facing shot so the sun is in front of the camera during the day, which is 'usually' not good for landscapes)

Thanks to all for taking your time and reviewing it.

One last point. Sometimes you'll see a scene that is absolutely beautiful. But that doesn't mean it translates into a good photograph. You need a center of focus - what is the subject of the photograph? A general landscape itself is not a subject - it is a generic scene. And landscapes scream for as much color variety as possible - a mountain scene taken in the middle of summer when all the foliage is green is really boring - you need blooming wilflowers or fall colors to make the image pop. Dramatic weather is a great way to break the monotony too. I love it when I'm out traveling and I see storms moving in! They don't always produce the effect I want, but they allow me to get my hopes up Conversely I get bummed out when the skies are devoid of any clouds. Unless I'm shooting night time skies and then I get upset if it's cloudy. That happened this past July - made a dedicated trip that I planned a year in advance to get some milky way shots in a location and time of year that is reliably clear.... all three nights were cloudy, and during the day the clouds were lacking drama so I couldn't even turn lemons into lemonade. I'll have to try again next year.

Bottom line - when it comes to landscapes, you need to plan the shot as much as you can, but in the end you are at the mercy of the conditions when you are ready to shoot. And if you try to force a good shot in bad conditions, it will come out looking like a forced shot in bad conditions.

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