Canon USA: firware 2.0 update by mid sept for Canon 7D

Started Sep 7, 2012 | Discussions thread
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Re: Canon USA: firware 2.0 update by mid sept for Canon 7D

I had read quite a few reports of lock-ups after 2.0.0, which I personally hadn't experienced within a day or two of the update, and having taken probably a hundred or more shots. Then it did lock-up. I switched it off... nothing. Power stayed on, and I had to pop the battery to get it to go off.

This has happened about 4 - 5 times now since then, throughout a run of around 1000 shots taken since 2.0.0s release, but it hasn't affected or corrupted any images. Apart from the annoyance factor, and the possibility of losing shot opportunity due to fumbling around to get it working again while "on site", I can tolerate it, but it does exist, and was not there before 2.0.0.

my experience

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