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Stephen McDonald
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Re: I don't think so, Stephen

John, I hope you get things together and can buy a good camera again. You could probably shoot better pictures with a cheaper model, than most of us.

I think that some of those who replied have confused the R1 with this proposed camera, regarding size. And the one I suggested would have only 140mm on its fixed lens, so it wouldn't have to be so large as to be hard to manage. They are able to make lenses much smaller now, even for full-frame cameras, as long as they don't have more than this much reach.

It would be interesting to see just how small a good lens could be, to serve a full-frame sensor. Even if it only went out to 100mm, when you add Smart Zoom, telextenders and cropping, it could expand its effective FL out quite a ways.

jrdu wrote:

When the R1 came out, a lot of F7x7 and F828 users were turned off by the R1's lens. It had only half the range of its ancestors. But we came to realize that the limitations of the telephoto of this lens were required because of the size of the R1's sensor. If you have a tiny sensor, you can put a long zoom lens iin front of it, while managing to keep the whole package small. If you have a larger sensor, the only way to keep the same size is to reduce the telephoto capability of the zoom lens.

When you compare the R1 to the RX100, the latter is a miracle of minaiturization. But most of that size is saved because the RX100's sensor is much smaller.

The rumoured RX1 has a full frame sensor so there is no way that a zoom lens with the specs of the F series cams can be put on it, unless you are willing to carry it around in a suitcase. A big suitcase.

When I wanted to move up from my R1, I bought an A900, but I found that the lenses for it were too big, so I ended up leaving a 50 mm prime on it, because the size was most handy to lug about, and the sensor was a high enough resolution that it could make up for the lack of tele. I think that the RX1 will suit me very well. I'm very pleasantly surprised to hear about it.

Unfortunately, I'm poor, and unemployed, and too old to get a job, so financing such a sweet camera is going to be a real challenge for me. If you hear that I'm back in China, you'll know that I'm saving for my RX1.
John Dunn

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