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Re: It will bring a Q10...

il_alexk wrote:

Raist3d wrote:

No, not because of the 1/2.3“ sensor, but because Pentax will attach a ridiculous price tag to a camera with 1/2.3" sensor. Don't u ever forget it

Depends what you call a ridiculous price Looks like in Japan it's $440-$500. I think $500 is a very fair price.

The current price for old Q ($360 in BHPhoto) is the one they shall use for Q10. Pentax may indeed have a special pricing for fanboys of $1000 and up for a first couple of weeks, but it is imperative that the price goes down before the camera get professional reviews/pre-views. Otherwise, the discussions about tiny sensor, lack of the EVF, articulated screen is unavoidable.

I don't see the other premium cameras at less than $500 (LX7, XZ-1, S100, X10, etc.) , I don't see why the Q should be at $360 (by that I mean a new Q). The Q is in the same category of premium compacts. That's a $450-$550 MSRP range.

Those who say "I want it but for like $250" to me want something for nothing (note: I am not saying you are one of those).

You'll probably laugh at me, but I mostly use a camera with a sensor even smaller than 1/2.3". In fact I have no idea how small it is (it is not documented), but it takes decent photos in good light, I got it for free (sort of), so I got addicted. Here is a full AF macro shot I recently took with it. Can you do this with your Q?

Of course! Not that I want to, but there's other people doing macro photography rather well. Not what I am interested in but I could if I wanted.

I do think it's funny and ironic you are using an even smaller sensor though after all you have said

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