70-200 VR II F.2.8 +1.4 TC or 300 f4 which do you recommend Pl help!!!

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Re: wow

what about a 70-300 VR for the larger / closer stuff (as you're waiting to get rich) and keep the 300/4 (with and without the TC) for the rest?

I can certainly understand you wanting VR with those focal lengths as I have enough difficulties handholding a 180/2.8 plus 1.4 TC with any consistency. Without some sort of support / leaning against something etc., that is. And that's on a D700...

Continue to remind yourself of the money you're currently saving while you're at it, too. I have the Kenko 300 DGX 1.4 TC (very decent for the price IMO) and wish I had access to the older 300/4 IF-ED (and a D300) for the occasional use so consider yourself fortunate there as well.

Nikon will most likely come up with an upgrade to the 80-400 or add VR to the 300/4 fairly soon but I can't imagine either being much less than $2500.

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