RX-100. Can it replace a DSLR for casual photo taker?

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Re: RX-100. Can it replace a DSLR for casual photo taker?

coasterguy wrote:

Hello. I have posted this subject in the past. I do not post much. I am wondering if the new RX-100 can replace my Canon Rebel T-2i.
I take casual shots. Mostly of Storms, outdoors.
I NEVER change the lens.
I NEVER take it off of Auto.
I will NEVER take the time to learn more about photography.

It is odd though, I have blown up and framed some of my work and I have sold 20 pieces in the past 1.5 years. I think I have a decent eye for photos but I always hope for a small camera capable of EXCELLENT photos that could be blown up if needed.
Thanks for any insight. I truly appreciate it.

Generally yes, though if you desire to get deeper into photography you will inevitably need to try different lenses. For basic causal shooting the RX would be fine, but it can't do:

Super wide angle

Narrow depth of field type shooting that you would get with a fast 50/85mm prime, because it is so slow in that range and the smaller sensor.
Telephoto, 100mm really doesn't give you much reach.

If all you ever use is the 18-55mm kit lens, and you can't ever see yourself needing anything more, then the RX will do well for you.

There is also the issue of viewfinder. You will need to be able to live with using the screen only.

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