lenses for Italy...?

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Re: lenses for Italy...?

I use a laptop to back the pictures up on. It stays at the hotel/place I am staying. I did think about buying one of the devices purely to back up on, not sure what they are called anymore, but a good lap top was only £150 more so seemed better in terms of what I could do with it. That was three years ago, prices may have changed.

Any form of backup you can manage go for. When taking pictures at Koyasan in Japan I bumped into an American tourist and he was totally in pieces as having just spent four days taking pictures he had by mistake formatted that card. I explained the pictures were ok as long as he didn't use that card at all, simply get it home get some recovery programme, (free with the bigger cards from SanDisk), and he'd find his photos still sitting there.

So backup however you can and leave the backup in the little safe box the hotel provides you with. Cameras can be replaced....pictures can't.

In fact I transfer the pictures on to the laptop and the wipe the card. Then with two pocket hard drives, I copy the pictures on to both of them. When returning, wife carries one and I carry the other. I am sure that one day something will happen to both but until then, it's the best I can do.

You can get a laptop from Dell for about £600 and the pocket harddrives of 250 gb seem to be around £70. Both will last a long time if used just for trips and stuff like that. With the internet the dell provides weather information, tourist infor, all kinds of back ground stuff that really means I can get the most out of my stay. So it's expensive at the outset, but the extra it provides you with are outstanding. And on the basics only, it sure gives you a good way of seeing how the pictures are turning out.

Have fun and enjoy, no matter what you do I am sure you will, Italy is a lovely country and film how the Roman's in Rome double park all the time. No one will believe you till you show them!

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