In case you didn't see RX1 mirrorless

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I don't think the RX1 will fit in most pockets...

The Skipper wrote:

I had been asking for a > 1/1.7" sensor pocket camera with zoom & built-in flash. Lots of people argued that it was impossible, and Sony comes out with the RX100, exactly what I wanted.

I was also asking for a full-frame, fast fixed lens, pocketable camera like the Minox 35GT. Lots of people argued that it was impossible, forgetting that the Minox was a full-frame camera, with lots of room where the left and right spools are for today's electronics.

Come on Sony, prove me right.

And I agree, after seeing the Canon mirrorless, I have also come to the conclusion that Canon has become a stale company incapable of thinking outside the box.

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