The Sunday BIRD Volume 8, Issue 13. September 9, 2012

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Re: Mockingbird and Great Blue Heron

Thanks. He was more or less cooperative other than staying just high enough to create that angle. I almost shot him with a faster shutter speed, but the few I took at 1/200 looked good.

There were some Warblers that I wanted to photo as well, but they were hyper-active. Not only did they confound my AF half the time, I tried doubling my shutter speed, but didn't like the result. I only had the ISO @ 400 though, so when I go back I'm going to try something like 1/500, f8 at 800 ISO to see if I can nail a good shot of the hyper Warblers. Maybe that will work.

And thanks to everyone else as well for the comments.

~ Jason

Messier Object wrote:

Both are nice shots Jason, especially the mockingbird. I don't mind the angle at all, and considering 1/200 at 215mm it's an excellent result.


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