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Started Sep 8, 2012 | Discussions thread
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Re: I recently upgraded the hard drives in three Macs...

On each Mac, I cloned the existing Lion system disk to a larger, speedier hard drive with Disk Utility using an external USB drive dock (BlackX). Next, I installed the larger hard drive in the computer. Then I booted from the new drive, to verify it copied correctly. Next, I upgraded to Mountain Lion. Then I booted to the recovery partition, to verify it was there.

The original hard disk was available with Lion (or Snow Leopard, on one) still on it, in case I had troubles with the new installation. I could boot from it if necessary by placing it in the USB dock and booting from the external drive.

Disk Utility is good if you are going to clone to a new drive for upgrading. You use the restore tab in disk utility.

Other programs are good to use if you want to make incremental backups after you clone a drive for backup purposes.

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