Updating Firmware ... Yes or No?

Started Sep 9, 2012 | Discussions thread
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Re: Updating Firmware ... Yes or No?

Makes sense. Thanks for the input.

~ Jason

Midnighter wrote:

A firmware update is only advisable when it corrects a problem you encounter or improves performance in a way relevant to your use of the device. The risk of bricking (rendering inoperable) a device (any device for that matter, not just a camera) makes a firmware update an unnecessary hazard unless it meets one or both of these criteria. Some devices have a type of double firmware system to protect against that, a last known good state that is saved as a fail safe to re-load as last resort but most devices (including all cameras I know of) do not have this feature. Thus the base answer to your question is always No unless a reason can specifically be found to say Yes.

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