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Re: This has potential

theranman wrote:

Stephen, if the camera you describe ever makes it to market....and at the price you mentioned ($1200), it would be THE Holy Grail of pocketcams...period, end of story. That's why it is highly unlikely it'll be happen. Who WOULDN'T buy it?! By the way, do you have a source for your prognostication?

Even if this camera didn't make much profit for Sony at that price, it could still play a key factor in their survival. It could establish them as the true leader in high-grade, small and mid-priced cameras. This could lead to better business success for them later.

A source? This is the camera I have designed in my head and am offering to Sony. At the same time, I think that they will produce one much like this.

This is a first for me, having someone call me a troll on what for many years, was my home forum.
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