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Re: What Will Actually Be Sold

Stephen McDonald wrote:

The RX1-F will have a full-frame MOS sensor with 22-MP. It will come with mounting threads for a lens adaptor tube on the housing and a new, high-grade 2.2X telextender will be issued with it. The actual price for the basic camera, which will have a 24mm to 140mm fixed Zeiss lens, will be $1,200. The adaptor will cost $40. and the telex will be $250 (could be used for many other cameras).

If you want more effective zoom, the Smart Zoom 11-MP mode will give about 210mm and the 5.5-MP mode, 280mm. With the 2.2X telex, this would be 616mm. Or, you could crop it later without using Smart Zoom, for much of the same effect. With this full-frame, high-quality sensor, you could even use the 5.5-MP SZ mode, plus the telex and also crop it, to get the equivalent of 1,232mm, with very decent results.

With a twist of the wrist, the telex and adaptor comes off and it's again a pocket camera (larger pocket). It will have the best versatility and quality through a wide range for close and distant subjects, that no D-SLR could match at anything close to its size or price. Of course, it will also have an optical VF, a hotshoe for flash and external mike. There'll be full adjustments for aperture, shutter-speed and exposure for the 60p video and a choice of auto control or by using mechanical control rings for both photo and video.

Sony, even more than most manufacturers, is in a crisis and fighting for survival. This camera is designed to let them close in for the kill, over their meeker and less innovative competitors. The features Panasonic has on its new cameras and those that were left off of the RX100, will be on this one.

As I predicted two months ago, by late November, the RX100 will be on a closeout sale at half-price. Who doubts that I'm much more right than wrong about all these things?

Hi Steve,

There seem to be a big differences mentioned here as far as fixed lens, VF and pricing.
Fixed lens 35mm? You're saying 24-140mm.
$2790/$3000? You're saying $1200.

If your details are correct this camera will sell like the proverbial hot cakes!!
Hope you're right!

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