High Dynamic Range in a single photo wo. post processing?

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Not with current sensor processing!

With current sensor processing, if you scene has more luminance range than can be captured by the recording device, your just screwed...end of story.

Graduated filters can help in specific situations....

HOWEVER..If the sensor processing were different, than an unbelievable amount of dynamic range could be recorded.

For instance, sensors are currently "exposed" to a scene for a set amount of time (shutter speed). If instead, they were exposed for a longer time, AND THE AMOUNT OF TIME FOR EACH PIXEL TO REACH A TARGET SATURATION WERE RECORDED, you could capture MUCH higher dynamic ranges (at the expense of longer exposure times). The sensor records the TIME TO TARGET SATURATION, rather than the luminance value for each pixel.

You end up with a matrix of TIME VALUES rather than LUMINANCE VALUES to manipulate. A pixel exposed to a bright value could reach "target" saturation in less than a millisecond. a neighboring pixel exposed to a dark value might not reach target saturation for many seconds. This small shift in thinking could enable MUCH higher (actually unlimited) dynamic range to be achieved.

As a tweak, once darkest pixel reaches a set low value, recording (exposure) could terminate. You end up with a combination matrix of both TIME and LUMINENCE values to process. This is quite similar to "Exposing for the shadows and Developing for the highlights" with B&W film.

Processing would be a heavy burden, but the results would be "jaw dropping".

Is it available? Not that I know of....

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