In case you didn't see RX1 mirrorless

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Re: For sony its as much about the sensors as the cameras

That makes so much sense, thank you. Just like porn stars advertise their good/services on videos to make money on the road, I get it now. : )

mrtaufik wrote:

Well said! Couldn't agree more with you. Sony should show something different to open new market.

Wellington100 wrote:

Sony are showing the rest of the camera makers that they should be building larger sensor compacts using Sony sensors. They are trying to shift the paradigm here in order to sell more of their high end sensors.

The competition can't fail to notice how many of the very expensive RX100 Sony has been selling on Amazon compared to cheaper alternatives with smaller sensors. Imagine if the RX1 outsells the D800. Sony are putting the whole market under pressure with these cameras. I would never be in the market for a D800 but this is pretty tempting. Its all the high IQ and low light camera I could possibly need for the next 10 years. My little Fuji F300 does well enough for my mundane everyday needs.

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