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Re: buying duty free

I think its about time Nikon and other similar companies dropped this Zone Warranty crap. Cameras are made for people who are likely to travel, photographers by hobby or profession continuously move around this planet taking pictures. Nikon produces a camera and currently it has to be returned to the country of sale for service difficulties. All the cameras of a particular model come off the same assembly line, you buy the camera in country "X" with full warranty, go on holiday to country "Y" with no factory backup. Most of the argument for zone warranty is to protect the dealers and sellers, not the buyers. Sounds like a pretty hollow warranty to me. Nikon gets paid for each unit produced and sold, local dealers benefit from not providing the consumer with service backup when the camera is purchased outside their zone. The dealers complaint is that they didn't make any money on the sale, try that with a vehicle, doesnt matter which dealer sells the car the factory backs the warranty. Isn't it time for Nikon to stand by their product and support dealers with a system of warranty that allows for international repairs.

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