1.4x or 2x?

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Re: 1.4x or 2x?

tonyjr wrote:

I have the 2 X III and while AF is slower [ not much - depends on light ] The IQ is great for me [ this is on the 70-200 . I have not tried on my sigma 135-400 , 70-300 or the canon 35-350 .

It won't fit on most or all lenses that aren't white L lenses. It sticks out too far in the front; you'd have to use an extension tube and give up infinity to fit it to most EOS lenses. For short focal lengths, max focus can be very short. I just tried with a 12mm extension tube, and at 105mm with my cheap 24-105mm USM, it focused at a maximum of about 2 feet from the lens.

I will be getting the 1.4 III - probably at Xmas .

I bought the 2xIII because it is supposed to be top-notch, but for 1.4x, the new Kenko Pro 300DGX should be almost as good as the new Canon, and allow/attempt AF as if were still there, but still give the actual f-stop to the EXIF. I've owned the Canon 1.4x II in the past, and have 2 Kenko Pro 300 DGs (no X), and the only 1.4x I would consider right now is the DGX, for the times when I need AF at f/8 on my 7D.

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