S100 after 2nd repair

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gail wrote:

panamforeman wrote:

I'm using the S100 every day now trying to get it to break. It won't do it!

lol, lucky you.

So instead one taking one camera with me everyday I take two. (G1X)\

Lucky again! You have two cameras!

Canon is causing me mental anguish!

Life it too short that any camera would cause you mental anguish. If you'd like a list of real-life things that cause mental anguish, contact me offline. In my 60+ years on this planet, I've had more than my share of things that cause mental anguish, and the S100 is not one of them.
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Actually my remaks were meant "tongue-in-cheek!" But it is true that I carry the G1X and the S100 with me. But it use to be only the S100. I keep the G1X in a camera bag in the car.......just in case.

As for life's difficulties? At 75, alas, time and prudence forbids me from enumerating my/our woes, past & present. Suffice to say I shouldn't be alive!! Mark Twain once remarked, "other than a tax return there is nothing more satisfying than being shot at and missed"!

I've heard it said that it makes you stronger. I don't know about that, but I'm definitely more thankful.

And I'm awaiting the S105, or whatever.

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