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Re: Where is the mirror if it's not mirrorless? [nt]

Baxter Bad wrote:

I guess you're being serious?

Not particularly, no.

We don't call a Canon Elph, for example, a mirrorless camera even though it has no mirror. It's understood that part of the definition of "mirrorless" includes interchangeable lenses, unless you have another definition I'm not aware of.

This is precisely why I abhor the term 'mirrorless'. I really prefer Compact System [Digital] Camera or Interchangeable Lens Compact [Digital Camera].

Mirrorless implies there is something missing which would otherwise be there. However, some companies (like Fujifilm) started from scratch on the CSC front and it's illogical to call their cameras mirrorless when they never had mirror-full cameras on the market (barring Nikon-based ones, obviously).

Assuming progress continues, in a few years mirrorless will hopefully fade into disuse as it becomes the dominant system camera form factor. Although I won't hold my breath for it -- just like the name SLR didn't fade away as TLRs pretty much disappeared from the market.

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