Are superzooms superior to cheaper DSLR tele glass?

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Re: Are superzooms superior to cheaper DSLR tele glass?

Viking9 wrote:

The lens on this camera at 600 mm @ f2.8 is superior to my Canon 100-400mm IS L at any focal length and far superior to any of my other lenses.

I have now sold my Canon equipment and am enjoying the freedom and flexibility which the FZ200 gives whilst still being able to produce photos, capable of printing to A3.


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Hi Tom,

In order to determine that the FZ200 lens at F2.8 is superior to your Canon 100-400mm IS L at any focal length, I presume you conducted tests.

Do you still have such tests, or was that just a general impression from shooting different subjects? Are you able to show your comparison images, or at least elaborate on the ways in which you found the FZ200 better than the 100-400?

What aspect of the images seemed to be better? Was the FZ200 lens at 600mm and F2.8 simply sharper than the 100-400 at 400mm and all apertures from F5.6 to F11? Was the IS of the FZ200 more effective than the IS of the 100-400, which is a fairly old design of lens?

Hope you are able to provide us all with more specific information.


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