Samyang 24 TS = pressure for a Nikon 24 PC-E upgrade?

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Re: Samyang 24 TS Fake photo

just Tony wrote:

mikemsphoto wrote:

Maybe they are making a 24 tilt shift but the linked photo looks fake to me. Looks like a mash up of Nikons 14-24 front element grafted onto Nikons 24 PC-E.
Knobs etc including the opposed shift vs tilt controls is identical to Nikon.

What's your opinion of the photos where they are aligned?

Speaking personally, I'm not good enough in PS to get that image starting from this one:

It's definitely the image of the PC-E 24 from the Nikon site from the lens mount until just to the left of the aperture ring. (lthey deleted the rubber ring to adjust aperture) then the left half of the lens is a photo of the Samyang 14mm 2.8.
Michael Sherman

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