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gail wrote:

Bruce Hunter wrote:

Well, ....,....' looks like my S100 will be going in for it's 2nd repair. First lens error message in mid March. Repaired and returned in quick order but tonight, about 3750 photos later, I got the lens error again.

Sorry to hear that, Bill!

When you call Canon, give them the riot act like I did when I called. I asked to speak to a manager, not a first level technician. I told the manager how upset I was that my S100 broke twice in less than two weeks. I ran off a list off Canon cameras, some years old, that I still have...all without problems. She asked me to give Canon a second chance at repair after I said I was going to dump the camera.

They emailed me a shipping label and my camera was back to me in a week.

I know not what the future holds for it in terms of possible need for repair but I do know my S100 is working better and more responsive then ever.

I took a few snapshots with it after the second repair. All taken inside hand held in very mixed lighting and in a rush; hallways are bustling with people and inside the church auditorium I take shots so quickly so the LCD light doe not annoy anyone. Used P Mode.

Minor post processing but do not include any noise reduction.

The first one was taken at 1/2s f/2.0 at 5.2mm iso 1600. 1/2s ! ? Previously, I could never get a shot that wasn't seriously blurred throughout the image at this slow shutter speed.

Or even at 1/20th of a second - 1/20s f/2.0 at 5.2mm iso800

A few other examples:

1/30s f/2.2 at 5.2mm iso 80:

1/30s f/2.0 at 5.2mm iso 800:

Right now I'm a happy, though cautiously optimistic, S100 owner again. Hope that's your experience too.

I'm curious! How many cameras within the affected serial # range have been sent in for repair? Will Canon ever tell us?

My S100 in within the affected range, and I keep waiting for it to give the error msg. I wish the darn thing would go ahead and break so I can get this over with. Every time I'm taking pics I'm cringing, "is it going to break now?" I'm using the S100 every day now trying to get it to break. It won't do it! So instead one taking one camera with me everyday I take two. (G1X)\

Canon is causing me mental anguish!

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